Break Seven Habits to make a better you

well we all know what is good or bad for us . but knowing all good things not enough instead how that good habit is helping us . there are habits that become part of us without knowing us and starts damaging in long term . all that aside there good habits that need some correction . you can start correcting seven habits to make a better you .

(1) Morning bath with hot water

Taking a warm shower in the morning is the best way to start a day . but washing far too much , using piping hot water with combine with harsh soaps , it may strips the valuable natural oil and even resulting in skin dryness cracking and it even causes infection .

so sometime skipping showers might not be that bad . your skin take time to repair or replenish it’s lost oil . you can also take cooler shower because it stops the oil in your skin from running off down .

(2) Sleeping more than need

sleeping is the best medicine in the world it release all tension and taking a Eight hours sleep is the best for your health but it might not be that true a solid sleep may leave you more exhausted .

According to professor Jim Horne at Loughborough University ” we have evolved to have flexible sleep patterns , and fragmented sleep , including daytime napping , can actually be a benefit ”

(3) Sitting

Bad sitting posture and long hour’s sitting pay no good to your health , bad sitting posture can do many problems like neck pain , back pain . when you sit for long hour’s your body become immobile , blood circulation become slows down and you burn fewer calories and bad fat start’s to covering your body.

It is better to do stretching time to time , move a little in your work place don’t just sit too long it may help you to work for long.

(4) Breathing

Yes breathing what might be wrong here according to neil shah , director of stress management society , he says whenever we are asked to take a deep breath we just puff out our chest which is not the correct way “ with chest breathing in we can’t suck in enough fresh air as our lungs have affinity capacity — and it’s at the bottom section of the lungs that contain’s the most efficient Blood vessels for gas exchange

Instead puffing your chest just try to ” inflate ” your stomach as you Breath in while keeping your chest still

(5) Relaxing after dinner

It’s the best part of your day when you finally took your dinner and go to your bed and watching t.v or surfing mobile , after eating a heavy diet and your body is in rest state your brain starts giving signals to convert food directly into fat

Instead lazing down “ If you just take a walk after dinner there is no way that you are gaining weight ” you will not have do extra exercise to loose weight .

(6) Brushing your teeth after lunch

This is getting wearied right how can brushing teeth be bad . well it’s not but it’s timing is bad According to Dr. Philip Stemmer the bacteria and plague present in our teeth will multiply by the sugar and acid in our meal it will increase the risk of tooth decay .

So you should brush before you start eating which will removes these bad bacteria . “ The routine is to brush before you take meal and then remove excess food after using an alcohol free mouth wash

(7) Wearing whole body covering cloths

According to Cancer Research UK recently recommended spending short spells exposed to sunlight to increase our levels of vitamin D. Alongside bone disease in children , a deficiency has been linked to cardiovascular disease , Type 2 diabetes and several cancers , as well as adult bone softening . Although vitamin D can be obtained in small quantities by eating oily fish , eggs and liver , about 80% of what is obtained when our skin is exposed to sunlight. so being little tan might be good

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