Future Home with more robots than us

By the recent engineering and technological advancement in robotics I mean in the upcoming 20 to 30 years it will be common to see robot butlers , that will give you style tips and dishwashers that automatically order detergent on need . If the new report on commerce is correct all these things could be our future.

By the time we reach 2040 and further , money will not be the problem for large number of people . so they make there life simple . smart home market will reach at peak by then .

The report “Commerce 2040” predict that in 2040 :

# Our homes will be protected with bio-metric that will confirm our identities before letting us front door.

# Each family member will have a pre-configured profile that will automatically adjust that the lighting , temperature and music choice when they walk into a room .

# Other refrigerator will track the food we eat and recommend healthy alternatives .

# Other kitchen applicants will automatically re-order items we run out of like food , detergent or paper towels .

# Our bedroom will have connected mirror that will act as virtual personal stylists .

# We will have robot assistants to help us with everyday tasks like picking things up off the floor and preparing dinner.


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