Oldest tree on earth

Our earth is about 4.543 billion years old. In this old earth, there are so many things old enough to amazes us. Trees are one of them Methuselah is one name that arises when we are talking about the oldest tree on earth.


Methuselah(Pinus longaeva) is one of the three spices of great basin bristlecone pin . As of 2016 methuselah was 4,848 years old it is standing in the White Mountains of California For many years it is thought to be oldest tree on earth while an another bristlecone pine was dicovered in the area of Inyo National Forest which is over 5000 years old .


The exact location of Methuselah and it’s unnamed elder pine are kept a secret in order to protect them. But you can still visit where Methuselah hides and you have to make a guess which one of them is it

white mountains on map

Inyo National Forest on map

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